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The beginning and the endlessly journey

Because the developing and improving never stop
โลโก้ อิกกิ

IKKI (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

IKKI Group was established on 26th of October 2011. We are the distributor and profes­sional service in industrial instrument with the best quality of metrology equipment, inspection tools and etc. in any field of industries.
We support to the high-end factory in Asia and worldwide to response our customer with the quality product and rapid service. We have good expert sales team and experienced technical also including way to improve your quality control process that will bring you to achieve the maximum level of productivity.

Perfection begins with high standard and stabilizing it

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IKKI (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
700/67 Regent Srinakarin Tower, Tower A 4th Floor,
Srinakarin Road, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250 Thailand,
Tel : +66-2-722-7273^4
Fax : +66-2-722-7275
E-mail: sales@ikki-group.com

IKKI Ease your mind in the industry field