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IKKI Brand ที่เราเลือกและนำมาจัดจำหน่าย ขาย
Total Materia

They have solved the problem of searching for material info from any country.  That’s made Total Materia have the information of material from around the world


Guthrie established since 1995 and from the experience in the industry more than 10 years. Software development Guthrie has successfully developed the Ballooning software

ITP Styli

ITP Styli first established at North America with the collaboration with Germany for one reason. The only mission is to fulfil all purpose equipment for CMM measurement


Jenoptik Company is groups of Tech co that located around the world. Main department is photonics-based which is consisted of Light & Optics, Light & Production and Light & Safety and collaborates with VINCORION in the mechatronic.


Hirox, the leading provider of digital microscopy product for nearly 100 years ago. Hirox is one of the leading inverntor of video microscopy since 1985


From the day of establishment in 1995, Future-Tech had been producing Hardness-Tester into many model series which includes accessories option. Future-Tech is not only delivering within Japan but spread shipment to 35 country in the world


Sugitoh provides services of equipment and tool about the light technology to factories for more than 100 of years. Such as Magnification glass, Microscope, Micro lens and all the inspection tools and products about light


Tateyama has 10 branches in Japan and 4 branches aboard.  Tateyama has been producing, developing and designing into Electronic part, Electronic equipment, Automation factory, Procedure production in Metal part, Development and service of software and including the development of new energy


In the measuring and inspecting, Kobelco are well-known in the inspecting object without damaging the object. Kobelco also develops technology of inspecting and inspection equipment.


Completed system of production in the quality molding in Zensei factory. Zensei also produces measuring tools and expanded by import machine for the production


From the first time since 1965, Kyoritsu has been developing technology about the light, measuring with light, controlling of light and electric power. Kryotisu also plays the big part in Light industry


Teslong Tech. has been established since 2009 for the purpose of inventing and developing product. The product that Teslong has been developing answer the demand of consumer with the engineers and technicians over 40 peoples. And now the quality Borescope.


The name of DIATEST is the name that guarantee in the world-class quality product. The products that have high accuracy 0.0002 mm/ 0.000008 inch with the certified of DIN ISO 90001


Sokuhansha the specialty in production of quality gauges with the certified of ISO 9001. That is the reason Sokuhansha has stepped up to the level accuracy and controlling of production 


Laizhou Laihua has been in the exporter and industry services since 2008 which includes product of Hardness tester, Metallographic preparation machine and etc.


Experience over 20 years in the industry field. CAM produces Die & mold, Insert mold and jig fixture by making our own Mold Set and special designs. CAM will produce upon customer requested, customer design and desire to bring the customer industry to higher level.