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The distributor and professional engineering service provider

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Software Solution for industry has been delicately developed to form up the path out of your struggle. Improving and raising the workflow efficiency to every departments in the industry.

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Microscope 2D and 3D for any industry fields. Imported Quality Digital Microscope has a high resolution and selection of options. Raise the efficiency of measuring and inspecting that work with its own software. The software is working in measuring, capture image, record the data and export the data as well

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Definition of inspection tool and measuring tool. " The standard of inspection and measuring in industry is not relying on the vocational skills alone. The quality industry instruments that serve purpose for each type of works field is also big main important part

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From the High-end factory in Asia to the world-class factory
Our specialist will lead you to another level of production to the highest

Solution for industry

เครื่องมือวัด เครื่องมือ QC เครื่องมือแล็บ อุตสาหกรรม มีมาตรฐานรับรอง

Why IKKI Thailand

We are the distributor, trader and professional service provider in the industry fields. In the fields of Metrology Equipment, Software management in Calibration or SPC and includes all types of measurement and inspection equipment. Since 2011, we have been serving you the best services and quality products for industry fields. Our specialist sales team and experienced engineers will support you and hand you with the solution to any problem in the industry. With all the quality industry products that will bring you to another level of Quality control process.

The changes from ordinary to the industry digital era

The changes will replace the old system with software, not to disregard the traditional methods, but to enhance and improve them. This transition aims to bring better efficiency and performance while retaining the valuable aspects of the old approach

Measuring tools, the direction of your quality

Industrial measurement tools come in various types, categorized by different uses and units of measurement. Therefore, choosing the right tool should not be overlooked.

Measurement tools are indicators of quality, as we can only determine quality when our measurements provide accurate numbers.

The problem with small workpiece, the small defects that barely see. Those will be solved by our Microscope

Microscopes are not just for inspection; some models can also perform measurements using integrated software. For example, the Hirox HRX-01 microscope can analyze samples, making it a versatile type of microscope.

Quality Matter

The importance of industry extends beyond accuracy, manufacturing speed, automation systems, expensive machinery, or a vast workforce.

The true essence of industry lies in the pursuit of quality. Every element within the industry contributes to forging this quality, and it remains incomplete if even one aspect is missing.


The Importance of Enhancing Production Quality

Certainly, when it comes to prioritizing, we cannot value one aspect over another. Developing all aspects together leads to the most stable growth.

The heart of improving quality control is balance of development

Service in industry

Service and how we work

With our understanding of all our products of both Software and Equipment for industry, we are ready to demonstrate to you, guiding and providing services. “ How does our software (Fact Family) work and improve the workflow and quality of finished products and that same goes for our specialized products (Equipment) too. We are ready to serve you and we understand your frustration with the problem that you are facing. We believe in one thing, every problem has an answer. We understand your desire to improve the standard quality. 

With our understanding of our services and our products

It will guide you to better standard and maintaining the standard in the front line

Let us bring you to the next level standard of quality control

The importance of raising the standard is how you maintain the new level of your standard.

Let us guide you to new level of your production standard

IKKI Thailand Office

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