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Mae Sariang : Charity for Karen (Myanmar) IDP Refugee.

Date: 06/09/2023

Mae Sariang Charity, which we were going to is located in the center of nature. “Mae Sariang” is located in the mountains of Mae Hong Sorn province. If you take a route from Chiang Mai, you would need to go to route 108 which is estimated to be  around 200 km. Total curve is 1864 curves along the way beside the Sarawin River next to border of Myanmar 

Total time according to follow Google map 3.21 hrs and for those who are not familiar with location and mountain road it would cost you around 4 hrs.

PS. please prepare motion sickness medicine

Travelling to Mae Sariang 

This trip was not only IKKI team but we have one more travelling member, we call him Ota San (Maker of CS-A1100)

 If we are to talk about this charity, we might need to explain who they are and what they do…Start off with the Karen tribe. Karen people normally live between the Thailand border and the Myamar border (In the forest and mountain area). Karen & Switzerland Help IDPs and refugees are groups of people who form a charity.

The group will help and support all Karen people (Children, elders, and all). Those Karen people face the dark side of this world, War and violence. They are also being forced to move from their home area, From one area of forest to another corner of forest, which is different from being a refugee because they don’t move to another country. We are calling them IDP (Internally Displaced People)

Smallest hope shine the brightest in darkest hours

Karen & Switzerland Help IDP Refugee has gone to and helped all the IDP and refugees with food, medicine, and cloth and delivered injured patients from Bomb, bullet, and other Violence cases to hospitals for treatment.

They are all being helped by the Swiss Red Cross, and after treatment for IDPs and refugees, the patients will be staying in the charity’s area. It is called “Safety Home” New hope home

IKKI team donated the item that we had arranged and purchased

And for the delivery into the forest and mountain area, rally team will put on pick-up truck and bring the items to the next step of back-carry to hand to the hand of Karen people

This donation trip that we IKKI had given to charity may not be much of the help or large enough for some people eyes. But what we are giving them are the light of hope that they are not alone. We all are hoping and praising you with our light to bright up your hope brighter than before. 

To all Karen People. Thank you so much

Thank you for every donation