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Tips of maintaining CMM Stylus

Even though Itp styli products are high quality and well neatly made and although Itp styli may serve the best quality result. My question is, what should you do after receiving the product? What can you do to ensure the accuracy of measurement and increase longevity?

Here's are the Care tips of your itp styli

Keep styli as short as possible

To increase the stability during the measuring. When using the longer ones make sure to keep stability matter in your mind.
CMM โพรบ Stylus Styli ก้านสั้น

Examine the thread and seating of styli

Examine for ensuring of defects on thread and seating to safely attach to CMM. Defection of thread and seating are the first thing to keep in mind to avoid the measurement variation
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Replace worn styli

Due to measuring with CMM require the ball to contact with surface continuously some defects on the ball may create the variations of the results
CMM Styli Stylus probe

Use thermal stable components when needed

The environment can affect the measurement directly. The choice of using thermal stable components can ensure measuring in uncontrolled environment

Thermal CMM ก้านคาร์บอน กันความร้อน

Stay within weight parameters

Weight limitation is relying on assembling styli configurations. The limitation will be provided by the probe head manufacturer.

Use as few pieces as possible

Due to each intersection may leads instability and increasing the chance of inaccurate measurement

Use the largest ball possible

During the measuring to avoid imperfection small surface the lager ball will work the best and reducing the random measurement variations (Maverick)

CMM Probe styli stylus ขนาดใหญ่

Keep styli perpendicular to the workpiece

In some cases where the measuring is at an angle. Applied the Angled cube (Holder) or Knuckle to ensure the perpendicular alignment

CMM แขนตั้งฉากสำหรับ Styli Stylus

Keep in mind the different materials of styli and material – when scanning aluminum, silicon nitride balls are preferred.

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