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บริการทางด้าน Metrology service : การวัด, การสอบเทียบ และ การเช่า เซอร์วิสอุตสาหกรรม ทั้งการวัด การสอบเทียบ และการเช่าเครื่องมือวัดต่างๆ

rest assured
with our standard

With our certified standards, starting from ISO, JIS, or requested standards for all measuring, calibrating, and inspection, we are well-prepared and ready to serve you.
Because we understand the meaning of the word "Quality."

Measuring, Calibration and Rental

Our Metrology Service will fastening your project to be faster and rest assured with our international standard with certification included

Say goodbye to….the amount of tools that need to calibrate

Say goodbye to….the workpiece that need to measure but doesn’t have the the tool or person to use

Say goodbye to….the cost to buy measuring tools just for small project

Bringing the quality result to your factory door

Metrology Service

All type of Metrology Service

Measuring service

Service Measuring
for all type of workpiece and all measuring method

Calibration Service

Servie Calibrating
for all type of tools with certificate include

Rental Service

Service Rental of tools
Renting leasing of measuring tool which includes On-site or sending workpiece to us

Standard and Certification

you will get more than just


With our understanding in the quality control of manufacturing, we understand that how important of your calibration to you and we also understand how measuring tool can index the quality to you. We are ready to make your working faster and better


Certification to certified measuring result and calibration and all the service comes with certification

Operation Image

During the operation we can capture image for completing the report and to use in the reference and to rest your concern assured

On-site and Off-site

All the rental serive of any tools can provide in both service on-site and off-site, to have measuring tool at your office or say no and send the workpiece to us and measuring here (Daily, Hourly or monthly)

International Standard

Including the ISO, JIS and requested standard


All measuring service and all calibration service comes with report and can be apply for reference further as well

Metrology Service

Service center for all metrology service which is starting from small to complicated one like CMM, Roughness or complexity measuring. We are ready to handing you the solution that you never once have before

The new standard of metrology

How the service process work

How It Works


Contact us and inform us what you are looking for. Details of your needs and all special request
measuring method, operation image, measuring unit or report that you would need to use


Calculating the price and time that we need and includes delivery process for faster procedure


Operating Service according to your Inquiry.

Ready to be delivery

After the Operation, we will approve everything of reports before making the appointment for delivery

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