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Autofocus 4K Ultra HD

4K resolution Microscope with the combination of clear images and high magnification. With the Autofocus function, that user can complete inspection work with single click


  • 4K resolution – Observation of the finer details which allows user to defect the identification
  • Autofocus – Capture what you see in the instant with single click
  • Magnification up to 390x – Allow user to clearly observer everything from overall to the texture of material
Lighting กล้องไมโครสโคป ความละเอียด 4K

Able to adjusting lighting to suit the material reflection properties and there are multiple patterns which will let operator face no problem with Inspection.

Sample of Auto focus function

กล้องไมโครสโคป ความละเอียด 4K ออโต้โฟกัส ฟังชั่น
กล้องไมโครสโคป ความละเอียด 4K ออโต้โฟกัส ฟังชั่น
Magnification9-390x on 32-inch display
Light source8 white LEDs
Sensor4K UHD pixel CMOS
Lenshigh-sensitivity lens
Control methodMain unit operation/PC control
Input currentabout 1.0A
WeightAprox. 363g

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Autofocus 4K Ultra HD