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Borealis : BA-T series

A&D, the frontline of weight scale for industrial fields. A&D Borealis BA-T Series has been designed and developed to be the solution for all users in laboratories and industry factory. With the technologies of break breeze and Ionizer which remove the static of object. From the concept of the weighting should not be difficult to operate and that is the reason BA-T was designed and developed

Certified: ISO9000

Preventing and romving static : Ionizer

The technology of removing static of specimen before weighting and it will reduce the static error during weighting and Breeze break shield for preventing the static

Balancing can be setting for calibration before weighting and user is able to adjust sensitivity automatic, with the Internal Weight that install inside the scale

The scale can measure weight and inspection as well which lead to the repeatability test of Standard Deviation. The function work together with Internal weight as well.

This mode will be running immediately after P-TEST is operate on screen pad

ISD Function – function that can detect the impact during the loading and it will display as 5 levels of impact (level 0-4) 

SRC Function – Smart Routine Check will inspect the routine of daily weighting routine that if the controlling and handling has been handling well or not. It is also includes the Condition check of each day

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Borealis : BA-T series