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CMM: Zeiss Spectrum

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) from Zeiss can measure five directions with 5184 angles. The Zeiss Spectrum will be presenting to you the whole new level of measuring experience together with the set of probes (probe head, probe body, and probe module) of Zeiss. You will be entering a new level of precision and trusted results.

CMM Machine: Zeiss Spectrum can be used together with Styli from ITP (Cross-system)



3 Different sensors and covered by five sizes

Better data quality roundness with a RONt of 1.8 μm for 5/5/6

MPE(E0) : 1.9+L/250 μm for 5/5/6

ZEISS RDS C5 including CAA allows a qualified system of all 5,184 possible angles in approx. 12 minutes.

Zeiss CMM มุมและองศาในการวัดของ เครื่อง CMM

Smaller size with damping system which can reduce the vibration and earthquake protection

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CMM: Zeiss Spectrum