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Diatest special gauge for bore diameter

DIATEST Bore Gauge

Bore gauge DIATEST, the tool for measuring the bore or inner diameter (ID) and easy to operate with high accuracy 

Repeatability of measuring

  • 2-point design =< 1 µm
  • 3-point design =< 2 µm

The user able to select and modify each part of bore gauge according to the desired of operation. Such as size of bore gauge probe, type of probe or the contact point of probe (2-point contact and 3-point contact)

Probe Bore gauge

  • Standard of probe size start from:  Ø 2.00mm -270mm
  • Special type of probe can be selected up to the workpiece tapered hole
โพรบบอร์เกจ Diatest
  • Static and Dynamic measurement. (Constant same value and various of measuring)

The measuring for each type of workpieces.

  • Standard of bore : 2.0 – 270 mm 
  • Blind Bores ( Flat Bottom) : From 2.0 (T-BMD-FB) – 150 mm
  • Internal gear : 10mm from diameter of cylinder

Using to measure any type of bore diameter or Inner Diameter

การใช้งาน Diatest bore gauge

Able to implement DIATEST bore gauge automation and implement of usage in production line

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DIATEST Bore Gauge