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Portable Hardness Tester that can be connected with USB to Computer Software. The product is the type of NDT – Non Destructive Testing, the tester will not destroy the workpiece. ETIPD is also certified by stardards and guideline


  • Accuracy: ±4
  • Automatic identify the direction of testing
  • Indicator monitor supported the standard hardness measuring
  • Able to connect with computer through USB cable
  • Wireless connecting for printing

Standards & Guidelines:

  • DIN 50156
  • DGZfP Guideline MC 1
  • VDI / VDE Guideline 2616
  • ISO 18625
  • ASTM A956
  • GB/T 17394
  • JB/T 9378
  • JJG 747
  • CNAL T0299
  • JIS B7731

Model Choices:

For general hardness testing


ETIPD เครื่องวัดความแข็งพกพา

For testing in the confined space, such as holes, cylinder or inner measurement 


ETIPDC เครื่องวัดความแข็งพกพา

For testing on the hardening surface, coating surface, thin walled or the sensitive test object to impact force


ETIPC เครื่องวัดความแข็งพกพา

For testing in extreme confined space such as grooves 


ETIPDL เครื่องวัดความแข็งพกพา

For testing in the recessed surface area.


ETIPDL+15 เครื่องวัดความแข็งพกพา

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