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Fact-C: Calibration

Fact-C will be taking care of all the tools and making Master Plan for literally whole month (Daily). With the pros of User-friendly interface, storing the data systematic, notification. You won’t miss any of your calibration schedules. Traceability that store inside can be recalled immediately once needed from internal inspector or outer inspector

Preparing the tool to be in standard performance condition before using it. The tools and master will be calibrate according to schedule all the time. The core to the quality calibration

Automatic generate calibration schedule plan and the software will notify user before calibration time. Fact-C will help user organize and make plan from all of user tool list precisely. You will never miss any calibration of any tools or master.

Every time that data is being stored in software database. User would be able to recalled back of any data, Status, History log, Traceability. User can audit external and internal calibration and data will be stored in Fact-C

ซอฟต์แวร์ การจัดตารางสอบเทียบ และจัดเก็บการสอบกลับ Fact c product work

You won’t miss any calibration with Auto-scheduling 

Traceability, data that can easily recall back

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Fact-C: Calibration