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FM-810ARS : Hardness testing

By adopting automatic indentation measurement, automatic stage, and automatic focus system, highly accurate automatic measurement is possible in a wide variety of patterns.

For testing, user can use Standard block test to test hardness

  • Sample’s tilted surface tracing function
  • Image Processing Measured Image
  • Saving Function
  • Various Data Output Format and Statistical Processing 
  • XY Stage Control
  • Various Measurement Patterns


Case Depth

รีพอร์ทค่าความลึก จากการ วัดความแข็ง ในรูปแบบชาร์ท

Color Conversion

Recognizing a shape of sample automatically to maintain original position

Measuring the angle by set up two point of beginning point and ending point. Set up the last point Angle point and system will measure the angle atomically

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FM-810ARS : Hardness testing