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Hirox 3D Digital Microscope


Hirox has developed the Telecentric lens, which works together with a motorized zoom. The lens HR-1020E itself can achieve 10x up to 200x magnification. With the telecentric system, the lens is able to measure with reliability and is able to work with HRX-01 || RX-100


10x – 200x Magnification

  • Ultra High-resolution which is able to inspect and capture image without the deviation from original object (No distortion)
  • FOV (Field-of-view) Wider field of object

Fast magnetic Snap-on will allow users to use and change lenses easily, even if they do not have much experience with the Digital Microscope.

Magnification10x – 20x – 30x – 50x – 90x – 100x – 120x – 150x – 200x
Working Distance54 mm
Horizontal View30.5mm – 1.52mm

Analysis of captured image with HR-1020E:

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