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Hirox 3D Digital Microscope


Hirox : HR-5000(E) Motorized zoom lens that comes together with 3 lenses and is called Triple objective turret”. There are 3 lenses, which include Wide-range, Mid-range and High-range and the usage will be covered in a wide range of uses.

It can be used together with HRX-01 || RX-100


Consisted of:

  • Wide-Range (20-140x)
  • Mid-Range (140-1000x)
  • High-Range (700-5000x)

Motorization of lens that control of:

  • Zooming
  • Moving of Turret
  • Adjusting Lighting
  • Lighting system that has built-in lighting together with lenses without the cable that connects to the lens when using light 
  • Light will be directly illuminated with Dual illumination. From the light method, it can produce light as coaxial lighting, ring lighting, or mixed

Lens specification:

Working Distance18 mm
Horizontal View15.4 – 2.21 mm
Depth-of-Field0.72 – 0.072 mm
Lighting MethodCo-Axial, Ring light and Mixed
Working Distance10 mm
Horizontal View2.18 – 0.31 mm
Depth-of-Field0.09 – 0.007 mm
Lighting MethodCo-Axial, Ring light and Mixed
RangeHigh-Range HR-5000E
Working Distance3.4 mm
Horizontal View0.43 – 0.06 mm
Depth-of-Field0.01 – 0.0007 mm
Lighting MethodCo-Axial, Ring light and Mixed

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