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Hirox 3D Digital Microscope


3D digital Microscope – High quality optical, mechanical, and lighting designs to bring up the highest optical inspection power.

*The model’s choice related to limitation of some function but reduced in cost

  • High Resolution 5.0 MP Sensor
    CMOS chips that support ultra-high resolution with 50fps. To achieve
    the high resolution images
  • XYZ motorized
  • Live HDR & Automatic Optimization
    Artificial intelligence automatically chooses the optimal observation that suits the scene and object accordingly
  • Advance Lighting
    Addition external lighting that can be controlled by the software for flexibility and efficiency during operation
  • New 4K Interface
    The new flexible interface takes advantage of the 4K displays for standard PC. User-Friendly interface as well

Roughness Analysis

Sample Image from 3D Microscope

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