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L260 – Method A

(Method A) Test equipment for measuring the flow of thermal plastic resin that conforms to JIS/ISO/ASTM standards. Maintain the quality manufacturing management.

  • Safety Measures. The providing of temperature rise prevention and etc.
  • Tools holder. The holder can be adjusted which is working more efficiency and neatly placement of tools
  • Four types of temperature Temperature that can be registered in the temperature controller
  • Desktop With compact design and lightweight, it gives ability to place on the

The resin which flows out of die within the specified time is cut off and the weight of cut portion is measured, and then the melt flow rate (MFR) The amount flowed out in 10 minute is calculated

T : Test temperature (˚C), M : Loading (kg f), A : Operation of Procedure A
m : Mean value of Mass of extruded sample (g), t : Time required taking sample (s),
600 : 10 minutes counted in seconds

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L260 – Method A