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Flow inspector: MX-2000S. Eddy current tester which inspect the completation of the workpiece with eddy current. MX-2000S has been designed to be able to operate in the production line (in-line system). Parameter became much easier to setting up with Visual Wave monitor. Inspection can be done without destroying the workpiece or making contact with workpiece

Visual wave : the inspection result is display on the monitor in X-Y and V-T

By the operation of Probe and Eddy Current, it can detect the defect :

  • Flaw 
  • Fine crack
  • Cavity / blowhole on surface and beneath surface

Demonstrate video
Eddy current in production line

  • MX-2000S can be operating non-destructive and non-contact with high accuracy and high speed
  • Can be used in production line without the affect from water or oil
  • Can be set the judgment OK/NG for the faster operation
  • The measuring setting can be set easily and improve the flexibility
Power supplyAC 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz 60W
Input / outputInput 8 points ( Photo-coupler ) / Output 9 points ( MOS FET )
Environment in useTemp 0℃ – 40℃ Humidity 10 – 80%RH ( No condensation )
Case dimensions370 x 205.1 x 374.1 ( W x H x D )

Example of Eddy Current tester operation

Inspecting the crack on the workpiece of screw after the heat treatment is being done. By the installing of probe movement mechanism, the probe can move freely and also able to inspecting the rotating screw.

By the setting and automatic working, they allow the MX-2000S to inspect the workpiece while it rotating with high speed rotation. Reduce the time consumption and working easier. The function also allow to automatically adjusting to each workpiece 

By the setting of Eddy current tester to inspecting on the part area which likely to find defect. MX-2000S also allow the operation to be done on workpiece that is not Magnetized and user doesn’t need to demagnetize and increase the speed of operation time

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