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RENISHAW’s AGILITY® has advanced the CMM system by integrating it with the REVO system, enhancing both accuracy and flexibility. The REVO system features a probe sensor capable of free movement across 5 axes, significantly reducing operation time compared to traditional 3-axis systems.

AGILITY® also addresses operational needs in both shop floor production areas and metrology laboratories.

With the adaptable REVO probe sensor, users can effortlessly tailor the measurement system to meet higher standards of precision.

  • In model S, accurately measurement of workpieces is possible. Measurements are conducted directly in the production area without the need for temperature control, thereby reducing cycle time. This enables faster measurements while handling higher production volumes.


  • In model L, precise measurements are achievable even for larger sizes like Model L 163512, with accuracy reaching below 2µm.

  • Smaller in size but keeping the high accuracy
เครื่อง CMM Renishaw model L แต่ละขนาด
Model L
เครื่อง CMM Renishaw model S แต่ละขนาด
Model S
  • With Renishaw’s patented Lighting Drive system, controlled by a brushless linear motor, movement is smooth and Axial motion moves in precise motion.
  • This eliminates the use of belt-driven mechanisms that may wear over time.
  • The system also includes environmental protection measures, even during Y-axis movement.
เครื่อง CMM Renishaw drive ควบคุมการทำงาน
  • The Renishaw VIONIC readhead is an encoder equipped with a robust measuring scale that is temperature stable, and it includes a temperature detection sensor.


  • It helps reduce potential errors caused by temperature variations or thermal expansion during frequent and extensive measurements.

เครื่อง CMM Renishaw อุปกรณ์ Encoder


เครื่อง CMM Renishaw Agility Specification Model L


เครื่อง CMM Renishaw Agility Specification Model S

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