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Stereo Microscope: NSW

Model: NSW-40PG-260 , the main difference from the normal microscope (cell, bacteria) is that stereo microscope can inspect object and outcome similar to 3D (2.5D). Stereo Microscope is suitable to work on opaque object and the LED light is emitting from the top part of optical side

  • Lighting system Built-in LED
  • Tilt angle 45° / 360° for Rotary
  • Max. magnifier 40x (optional eyepiece up to 80x)
  • Optional part eyepiece and lenses 30x-60x, 40x-80x and additional of Auxiliary lens 0.5x-1.6x (when apply together of both magnification can go up to 10x-128x)
mirror formbinocular zoom
Overall magnification (actual field of view)20x-40x
minimum magnification – maximum magnification
(φ11.5mm – φ5.8mm)
eyepieceDSW10x/10x field number (23)
Objective lens
[filter mounting diameter M49]
mirror functionTilt angle 45° / 360° rotary type
diopter adjustmentBinocular diopter adjustable (±7.2D)
Interpupillary adjustment range52mm-75mm
Working distance
*Distance from workpiece to scope tip
head weight1.2kg


Observable height191mm
focus adjustmentVertical movement type
stage plateW208mm×D217mm Made of acrylic resin (one each for white and black)
epi-illuminationLED dimming
transmitted illuminationnone
Distance from pole center
to objective lens center
W x D * Power cord not included
Base weight (body weight)3.7 (about 4.9) kg

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Stereo Microscope: NSW