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Torque wrench T4MN100 with standard from Japan brand TONE. With the benefit of being analog, the T4MN100 is easy to operate, and you can control the setting of the torque value. By adjusting the knob for a setting value between 20 and 100 Nm

How to operate torque wrench, TONE

  • Setting the torque value 20-100 N.m by rotating Torque Setting Knob
  • When user operates the T4MN100 and reach the set value user will be notified by “Click” sound and light indicating 

**Load direction : to the right direction or Clockwise direction

การใช้งาน ประแจปอนด์ หรือ ประแจทอร์ค T4MN100
  • Model : T4MN100
  • Torque Range Min-Max (N.m) : 20~100
  • Increments : 1 Sq. Drive A (mm) : 12.7
  • Weight (kg) : 0.77
  • Case Size : 505x97x70
  • Calibration sheet : 1 
  • Accuracy: ± 3%

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