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TATEC Borescope

Articulating Borescope that cable can bend in all direction of 360 degree and bending down to 170 degree. The TATEC is available with the minimum size cable dimeter of 0.95mm 

Specification: Camera

Camera is bending around 360 (Including bending down)
• Dimeter starting from 2.4mm , 2.8mm , 3.9mm

Camera only bend left and right
• Dimeter starting from 1.8mm

Ordinary Camera
• Dimeter starting from 0.95mm

**Dual lens is unable to be bend in any direction but Dimeter starting from 2.4mm , 2.8mm , 3.9mm

  • Cable length : 1m-10m
  • Able to capture picture and video
  • Able to connect to HDMI to bigger monitor
  • SD Card/ USB Connection
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TATEC Borescope