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Sugitoh microscope 2D


Digital Microscope : portable from Sugitoh (Japanese brand) – TS-HM Series. The microscope that has size which user can carry around in their pocket and can be use instantly 

  • At production line
  • At work’s site
  • General purpose
  • For roughly inspection


Option เสริม

  • Adapter USB Connection
  • Adapter for camera
  • Adapter HDMI Connection
  • Stands
  • 9 LED
  • Adjustable 3 steps

Microscope: TS-HM-25

Magnification: 25x

Field of view: 7.2mm

Minimum scale: 0.05mm

Measurement range: 5.0mm

Microscope: TS-HM-60

Magnification: 60x

Field of view: 3.0mm

Minimum scale: 0.02mm

Measurement range: 2.0mm

Microscope: TS-HM-120

Magnification: 120x

Field of view: 1.8mm

Minimum scale: 0.01mm

Measurement range: 1.0mm

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