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ZEISS CALENO was designed and developed according to the 3 system which are the accuracy of CMM, Collaborative system (COBOT) and Multi-sensor system. The CALENO will bring out the full potential of measuring tool for large scale of measuring specimen.


Productivity และ Precision

Maximum Versatile of measuring method and remain the potential of CMM accuracy same.

With the benefit of ZEISS CMM system, CALENO can be adjusted to the demand of customer in the method of measuring, probe for measuring to next level of efficiency

During the operation, there will be controlling of safety with sensor and axes of use

ZEISS CALENO was designed to prevent the thermal insulation and contamination which will increase the productivity of working near the manufacturing line

There are recommended installation which are Flush Floor Installation and Tabletop design.

การติดตั้ง CMM ZEISS CALENO ขนาดใหญ่
การติดตั้ง CMM ZEISS CALENO ขนาดใหญ่

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