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Cmm Stylus คืออะไร CMM สไตลัส และประเภทของ cmm styli

What is CMM Styli and how many kind of CMM Styli are there?

CMM Styli  or in the another name that some people may know of, Stylus, Probe or Touch Probe. They both  play major role of important component for CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

“CMM is the machine that can measure with accuracy and high precision and is being applied within the manufacturing process and quality control process. Inspecting, measuring and dimensioning of parts and products”

CMM Styli is the touching point of the CMM machine to object surface (Part or Product). Styli probe will be attached to the CMM. The probe will be different in shape, size and other parameters for usage according to different type of measurement

Styli Probe tip can be found in various materials according to the type of measurement. For example, Ceramic, Tungsten carbide, or the commonly one Ruby.

All materials of the probe are well known in terms of strength, durability, and stability. As CMM is working by touching the surface of the object all over the surface and all the time, the wear out of the Styli Probe tip is what should be concerned most.

Silicon nitride CMM Stylus Styli

Silicon Nitride

Ruby CMM Stylus Styli


Zirconium oxdie CMM Stylus Styli

Zirconium Oxide

Aluminum Oxide CMM Stylus Styli

Aluminum Oxide

Carbide CMM Stylus Styli


Diamond Coated CMM Stylus Styli

Diamond Coated

The main role of CMM Styli in the industry is to be applied for measuring by touching the surface of an object. Touching of the object surface by a coordinate point that is being fixed for collecting all the values and generating them to scale and dimension in 3D of the object surface (marked point). 

The measurement and comparison by CMM Styli, the user can tell the differences between a produced product and a standard product after the manufacturing of each part or product.

CMM Styli stylus การตรวจสอบและการวัด

CMM styli
Each kind of them are different in terms of usage and purpose of using

CMM ไสตลัส โพรบ M2 straight stylus

Straight Styli

Is commonly found in the any industry, It is consisted of the Main stem and probe or pointy attached at tips. It can use in general matter.

CMM ไสตลัส โพรบ star stylus

Star styli

It has the extended part out or has many stem attached to it. The design was meant for measuring in different angle, kind of measurement or hard-reach area.

CMM Styli Disc type

Disc styli

The probe designed is the shape of Plane flat disc. The benefit from this design was for measuring the flat surface or inner diameter.

CMM สไตลลัส ทรงกระบอก

Cylinder Styli

This kind of Styli will have the shape of cylinder for the purpose of measuring the cylinder, such as hole or shaft

Styli CMM can be used together accordingly (Cross-System). The user is able to set the standard value of styli to suit the selected measurement and shape of the workpiece. They are easily changeable for each measuring parameter.

Therefore, CMM Styli plays a major role in measuring with high accuracy and precision in quality checking and quality controlling. For selecting reliable styli from quality brands, standard manufacturing and an acceptable price are the keys to increasing the efficiency of measurement. If the measuring is up to the quality standard, it would reduce all the costs over the year.