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Mold Components

Generally speaking, pieces by pieces of components will be assembled into a mold (Block), as it would be used in the plastic molding industry.

Mold components are the components that are assembled together to make a completed Mold.

The components of mold consist of:

  • Mold Base: is the foundation of mold, which will be the stable and strong base for fixing the other components together without breaking them apart.
  • Core: As the name Core, Core is used to shape all the plastic injection inside the mold according to the product design. A different design of the core means the final product (Inside) will be different accordingly. Characteristics of products may start with Core.
  • Cavity: It works similarly to the core in shaping the plastic, but the main difference is. A cavity is used to shape the outer part of the product. Core and Cavity will be designed together, and some molds could have multiple cavities up to the design of the injection machine itself.
  • Spure: is the pathway for melted plastic to be injected into molds.
  • Runner and Gates: after the melted plastic flows through Spure, Runner and Gates will spread the melted plastic to many small pathways. (Like a main road to small alleys.)
  • Ejector pins: After melted plastic is cooled down Ejector pins will push the final product out of the mold.
  • Cooling channels: are cooling system pathways that help the plastic cool down and maintain the temperature at the set point.
  • Venting: works as air ventilation for molds to be able to deliver air or gas out during the operation of injection molding.

The molding components play a major role in producing the product with an accurate and quality outcome, as the core and cavity that shape the plastic are controlled by other components too.

This is just a sampling of the main concepts of all mold components around the world. There are many different types of molding and the operation of each type of molding. Each type is different from the others.