IKKI slogan
งานเหล็กตามแบบ งาน CNC งานมิลลิ่ง IKKI

We are putting our passion in every works

to all of the manufacturing and all type of metalworks
to reach the quality standard


Have you ever found yourself wanting a workpiece made of brass but could not find any maker.
We will make for you

Making all type of metalwork

The complex work pieces, the general work pieces and precision work pieces, which include even conveyors & Screw conveyors, or the steel that requires special CNC

1 piece we also make

If you want one, we make one; if you want 100, we can also make 100 pieces


Every workpiece will be in the hands of an experienced technician. We are also inspecting every product before delivery. Rest assured that the finished product will meet quality standards.

ชิ้นส่วน งานผลิตเหล็ก

General Machining

รับผลิต ชิ้นส่วน ทองแดง สแตนเลส


รับผลิต สายพาน สกรูสายพาน สกรูลำเลียง


Quality Matters

Importance of industry field is not just the Precision, Quantity production, automated robot, expensive machine or nice tool or human resources. But everything that happens in the industry is what combined and can’t be separated any of these to one another.
That is starting point of our belief…

Because everything that happens inside the factory is what it produces the word Quality