IKKI slogan
การสั่งผลิต สินค้า ชิ้นส่วนในงานอตุสาหกรรม

How to order with us to make your master (work) piece

Some type of the work pieces may require high precision but some are require complex. We understand what is your frustration or your desire. We will produce and delivery to you with finest requested product. 

1. Contact us

Contact us regarding information about your requested workpiece and what is your desire or purpose that you looking for

2. Discussion

Discussion of further information about the requested product in the depth of information (Material, Size, volume, usage, etc.)

3. Sending us your design

Sending us CAD File (in all type of format. Image, CAD, PDF, DWG) 

4. Quotation

After 1st-3rd procedure we will process to quoting the price.

5. Ordering

We will bring your request to our factory and point out to maker detail about your request.

6. Producing

Producing your order

7. Quality Inspection

Inspecting and measuring that quality of product is going according of standard

8. Delivery

Delivery finest product to you