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Temperature and Humidity sensor. Able to install wall mounts in factories, QC rooms, or laboratories. TR72A will record all the data and send it to T&D Web storage, mobile application, or directly to the computer. All the data is able to be analyzed further.

TR72A can notify each of the set devices of any abnormal temperature or humidity condition. TR72A has been expanded to include not only the factory, but also the office, warehouse, and house.


Specification TR72A

  • Measuring Temperature 
  • Measuring Humidity (external probe)




0-99% RH

  • Wireless LAN
  • USB
  • Bluetooth

Store data and analysis: TR72A

The connection system of TR72A

TR72A is called in the another name of Data logger for temperature/humidity, the the data that has been collecting is exportable and the user can use the data for analysis further too. Software analysis measuring data

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