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Fact-M: Measure

Software that store data directly of any tools or machine and store into database. The data that is being stored will be used for analyze and analytic and show as Real-time. Once the error (NG, Defects, production error, etc.) occur Fact-M will notify to user in charge. 

Mistakes during the writing down on paper, the time consuming of analysis all information analog-ly. It will be changed to digital with Fact-M

The data will be stored as Digitalization from tools or instruments. Reducing the number of human error. User will be able to export all the data into Inspection Report in the form of Excel. Fact-M will be using all the data to analysis into Statistical Data in form of any Charts

User will be receiving the notification when the problem is occured during the proccesing quality control. The problem will be fixed and adjusting the production process beforehand and reaching the better quality

ซอฟต์แวร์ SPC ในการทำ SPC Control Chart

Powerful software that will store data, analysis and processing data real-time

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Fact-M: Measure