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Hirox 3D Digital Microscope


Hirox Lens : HR-2016(E) has been designed and developed to be able to use and inspect with Rotary Head 360 without moving the object. HR-2016 also has various of adapters selection that suit your purpose and boost up the working efficiency 

It can be used together with only HRX-01 || RX-100


20x – 160x Magnification

(6x – 320x with adapters)

Fast magnetic Snap-on will allow users to use and change lenses easily, even if they do not have much experience with the Digital Microscope.

ACS stands for Auto Calibration System : The sensor that detect when the lens is changed. The system will search the suitable setting and proper magnification when the new lens is installed

 StandardLow MagHigh Mag
Working Distance44 mm135 mm20 mm
Horizontal View15.4-2.0 mm45.5-5.84 mm7.62-0.95 mm
Depth-of-Field13.3-0.25 mm70.45-4.20 mm3.02-0.10 mm


Image from HR-2016 : Rotary head

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