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Granite Surface Table : The foundation of inspection and measuring efficiency

Granite surface is one of the foundations of metrology. Granite surface is just plain and massive solid rock, and the most important thing about Granite surface is that “It is Flat”. The flatness of the granite surface becomes the basic foundation of metrology.

The granite surface has been well-known throughout the industry for its efficiency in quality control. The Granite Table is composed of two main parts.

  • Granite Surface Plate 
  • Leveling Steel Stand

As the properties that build up to Granite table. It is required to have flatness all over the surface. A flat and Plane surface will lead to precision and accuracy in measuring and inspecting.

Generally, the granite table will be Graded according to its Flatness, and sometimes each standard will specify the flatness and size of the granite.

What to consider before buying granite table according to Grade.

The purpose of using granite table should be the highest priority, as each type of grade will be graded to 4 levels and suit different types of usage purposes.

  • Grade “00” is the grade of Flatness and is suitable to be used in the Laboratory of Calibration 
  • Grade “0” is suitable for inspection inside Quality Control (QC Room).
  • Grade “1” is suitable for Tools Presenting of the manufacturing site
  • Grade “2” is suitable for randomly inspecting during production and doesn’t require much accuracy.
ตารางเปรียบเทียบ เกรดของความเรียบ Information table of granite-surface

Therefore, the best way to choose what grade of Granite surface to use is to select the grade that suits the purpose best. Maintenance and calibration of the surface are required from time to time.

The right granite surface Grade selected means high efficiency of inspection, quality control, and durability.