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Classified Gauge

A manufacturer specialize in gauges representing the standard of gauges with ISO9001 certification which confirmed the trust of customer can assure on. The various selection serve user needs

In the thread gauges system, the limit type is most common. The gauges that come with the variation of selection. Selection choice is up to the size, the fitting shape and the classified of class.

เทรดเกจ Thread Gauge

Gauging the surface of material and the choice of materials rely on the material surface itself too which to be able to unleash the full potential of gauge

ลิมิต ปลั๊กเกจ Limit plug gauge

The gauges that test the groove widths and rectangular holes.

Snap gauge

The gauges that support your inspection needs

Spline Gauge สไปล์นเกจ

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Classified Gauge