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Tap Holes Inspector : MTD-100. MTD-100 is an inspection machine that is used to inspect the thread and is designed to work automatically (automation).

Insert the probe into the thread or tap hole and Eddy current will be applied to inspect the following:

  • Defect inside the hole
  • Absence of thread
  • Inaccurate size and depth
  • Incorrect countersunk
  • Cavity / blowhole


Contactless – inspecting thread without touching the thread

16 Sensor channels – Sensor probe that can be used all together 16 channels at the same time

Able to use on any material – Material that can conduct electricity

Not affected by Cutting Fluids

Quick inspection

Connect to PC via USB – All the measurement data will be able to transfer to pc for analytic 

Power supplyDC24V 24W
Input / outputInput 11 points / Output 8 points
Environment in useTemp 0℃ – 40℃ Humidity 0 – 80%RH ( No condensation )
Case dimensions260 x 94 x 230 ( W x H x D )

Operation of MTD-100

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