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Coating Thickness Gauge

9501-1200: The coating measuring tool, which checks the coating of the workpiece. With the technology of coating measuring tool, it allows user to use the tool on the non-magnetic material or magnetic material on both of coating material and workpiece material

Technology of Magnetic Induction and Eddy Current


Material that can use here

Magnetic Induction (FE)

Magnetic Induction probe which can be used on coating material of non-magnetic material and non-magnetic coating material on workpiece which is magnetic material

Magnetic: Iron, Steel, Magnetic Stainless steel

Non-magnetic: Zinc, Copper, Chrome, Tin, Plastic, Powder, Paint (not for Nickle)

Eddy Current (NFE)

Eddy current Probe which can be used on the non-magnetic coating material on the non-magnetic workpiece material

Workpiece material: Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, non-magnetic stainless steel

Coating material: Plastic, Powder, Paint, Anodizing (Exclude Chrome or Zinc Plating)

By placing the probe on the coating directly

ItemCoating Thickness Gage
Accuracy+/-(3%L+1) µm (Range <= 1250µm) +/-(3%L+10) µm (Range > 1250µm) **L = thickness in µm
Calibration CertificateAvailable
Resolution0.1 µm (Range<100µm) 1µm (Range>=100µm
Battery TypeAA

9501-1200 can connect to desktop for collecting data and analysis

The user can connect the Coating Thickness Gauge for data analysis and storing data of coating thickness. User also can connect directly to Fact-M: Measure for the measuring data analysis

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Coating Thickness Gauge