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The vision measuring tool (using a lens scope for measuring) works similarly to a microscope, but vision measuring can achieve much more accuracy and is more suitable for measuring work. ISD V250A provides accuracy of ≤(3.5+L/100µm) and repeatability of 2µm.

Optional accessories:

  • Auxiliary Objective: 0.5x-2x
  • Probe: Ø2mm, Ø3mm styli, Ø25mm calibration ball
  • Lighting: Coaxial


Vision Measuring Software

  • Support all the measuring of Dimensions which includes curve, angle and all range.
  • Export function of measuring data to CAD, Excel or word
  • Other functions and Detection function which allow user to work better 
ItemVision Measuring system
**L = measuring length in µm
Magnification33x-195x (19″ Monitor)
Measuring range(X Y Z) – 250x150x150mm
Objective0.7x-4.5x (zoom)
Max. Height of workpiece150mm
Max. Weight of workpiece20kg
Calibration CertificateAvailable

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