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QA-CAD Auto ballooning

OCR Software that reads the Drawing fi le from various format Vector type, Pixel type and pdf format which support of multiple language OCR. Exporting the data into EXCEL or CSV file.

  • Auto-capture from PDF, images and CAD
    Auto-capture dimension, tolerance, GD&T feature control frame and text note by OCR
  • Export Embedded Data to Excel/CSV
    Export embedded data to EXCEL/CSV for AS9102/EN9102/SJAC9102, PPAP, ISO 13845, etc. Generating to the form of excel
  • Balloons (Bubbles) Drawing Feature
    Easy to draw balloons and adjust balloons size, color, and numbers for labeling
  • Tolerance table
    Enable to add your tolerance table and modify the existing tolerance table
  • One-time purchase
How to use QA-CAD with-in few clicks

Able to work with Fact-M

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QA-CAD Auto ballooning