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Get to know what is QA-CAD software

The last jigsaw pieces for digital factory

One of the software that we should not miss for improving the workflow is QA-CAD. The QA-CAD software will make ordinary ballooning in industry much easier (easierrrrrrr). Due to the technology of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or, to put it simpler….

OCR – is the technology that we might have used it before. Smartphone that is able to read the text from any picture or the printer scanner that is able to read and convert to text editable on pdf.

From the OCR technology and being implemented to read the drawing file directly of all format (Image file, PDF, DWG ,DXF, HPGL/2, DWF). QA-CAD software will read the number, symbol and text in Drawing or we could say it that the number of 30++ positions will convert to editable text less than 30 seconds

Auto-balloon software will boost up the process speed of Ordinary ballooning in all of writing on paper, labeling the number or filling up in reporting software. 

Comparison between of QA-CAD Auto-balloon and ordinary ballooning